Three Ways to Spend More Time While Traveling in the Great Outdoors

Spending time outside can boost your health, get you fit, and improve your general wellbeing. So it’s important that we all make an effort to spend a decent amount of time in the fresh air.

But work and home commitments and electronics advancements can make staying indoors more appealing. Even if you do spend some time outside occasionally, it can start to feel like a chore if it doesn’t excite or inspire you. So add some more excitement to your time outdoors by trying out these fun and exciting activities.

Go on a road trip

Whether you go by car or invest in a travel trailer, going on a road trip can help you see new sights and give you the freedom to explore. If you’re fed up with your daily grind and want to introduce some spontaneity back into life, then a road trip is the perfect activity for you.

Find a map and choose a place you’ve always wanted to visit that you can drive to. Use this as your final destination and create a route. You can make it as long or short as possible, depending on your work and home commitments. If you want it to last a weekend, consider camping alongside your vehicle to get closer to nature.

Also, find interesting attractions and sights along your route that you can stop off and view along the way. But don’t over plan. The key to a fantastic road trip is keeping your plans loose. You may find something, even more, exciting along the way so just enjoy the ride and go where the road takes you.

Join an outdoor fitness club

If you love to exercise but tend to stick to indoor gyms, an outdoor fitness club could get you back outside. Exercising by you indoors can get tiresome and uninspiring. So research local running, cycling, and walking clubs that you can get involved in.

These will usually meet on a weekly basis and will have specified routes planned in advance. Running or cycling on these routes will make you realize how beautiful your local area is. Plus you will also make new friends, tone and strengthen your body and get plenty of vitamin D and fresh air. With so many benefits, it’s hard not to find this appealing if you enjoy your exercise.

Take a Travel survival course

Basic travel survival courses will teach you everything you need to know about surviving in the outdoors. It’s a fantastic way to learn new skills such as starting a fire, foraging for food, and building a shelter with minimum supplies. If you consider yourself to be an adventure seeker, this is definitely the activity for you.

These courses vary from one day to multiple days outside in often wooded areas. You’ll get a real taste of what living outdoors requires and a new perspective on how incredible nature is. This course will make you feel like a modern-day Indiana Jones and the skills you learn will always come in handy.

These three activities should have enticed you into spending more of your spare time outside. Staying indoors might be brilliant for certain activities but make sure you schedule in time outdoors also.


The Best Ways to See the World on a Budget While Traveling

As you may have guessed, I have a serious travel bug. I’m obsessed with discovering new places and seeing everything the world has to offer. Every trip opens my eyes to something new and introduces me to new cultures. I make friends wherever I go and always come home with a great story.

It’s the richest way to learn about our planet and everything on it. You learn more in a few weeks than you learned at your entire time at school. The only thing holding most of us back is the cost. Well, I’ve learned a few tricks over the years. Let me show you some of the best cost-saving ways to travel.


Backpacking is the obvious choice for adventurers looking to save money. It’s also one of the best ways to see the world, period. If you’re going to visit a new place, you’ve got to get right into the heart of it.

Live like a local, and explore the areas that aren’t in the guide book. Get off the beaten track, and let the road take you. You’ll meet new people, and discover things you never knew existed. Best of all, it’s cheap, and you spend the night in hostels all over the planet.

Road tripping

Another one of my favorite ways to travel is simply hitting the road. I love seeing the world from behind the wheel of the car. In fact, some of my most memorable trips were long road journeys. Again, you get to stop in new places and take the road less traveled.

You’ll have spontaneous adventures, and see the real heart of a country. Road trips can save you a lot of money too. If you take a travel trailer, you can pull over at the side of the road to get a night’s sleep! It will save you a fortune on hotels.

Work while you travel

I love to keep myself busy abroad by finding odd jobs. It’s another great way to meet new people, and keep your budget topped up along the way. It’s a chance to meet the locals, and learn more about the culture. You could try a simple bar job or train as an au pair. Another option is starting a blog and using it to make a little money on your travels. Working along the way allows you to extend your trip, and give you some extra spending money.

Do a house swap

The biggest cost of any trip is usually accommodation. Hotels cost a fortune, and all you’re going to do is fall asleep there! Instead, find alternatives to help keep the budget down. I often like to find a house swap, which means switching homes with someone abroad. You’ll spend some time living like a local in whichever country you choose.

Being on a budget shouldn’t stop you from seeing the world. There are all sorts of alternatives out there to help you keep costs down. In fact, many of these tricks help you discover the world more intimately. Have you got any tricks of your own?


It’s Very Hard to Travel While Goes to Different Places

Before anything else, I want to share with you the hardest part of my trip this past year. You might have guessed it, getting over a break up while traveling. When I moved out of my ex’s apartment last year after mind tension up, I knew I was doing the right thing.

I packed what I had and put some of it in storage & the rest in my mom’s garage. It was hard, but it was the only thing I could do after everything we had gone through in the few months leading up to this point.

The Beginning

My ex and I met in high school

During our senior year and we became really good friends right away. Even though I moved away for college he was always there when I needed him. He always gave me the best dating advice even if I didn’t always take it. 😉 To make the story short he became my best friend.

The Middle

We always seemed to have a strong attraction towards each other, but because of the distance and mostly, because we didn’t want to ruin our friendship, we avoided going any further. Finally, everything fell into place, we moved into the same town at the same time and we started dating. We got serious and well it was so nice to finally be together.

The End

Unfortunately, it did not last long. I don’t want to go into details, but let’s just say that it was not a smooth break up. I was fortunate to travel to Mexico merely two days after our break up, which I thought would distract me from all the pain I was feeling.

It worked for about a week. Then it hit me. I had lost my boyfriend and my best friend all at once, forever. Given the reasons behind our break up, our once beautiful friendship would never be the same. It was all f&%ked up.

Mixed Emotions

My emotions were all over the place. I was so angry for allowing others to get between us in this way and not knowing how to handle situations to keep our problems from escalating. I was hurt because he allowed others to take him away from me, his best friend of so many years. I felt so betrayed for the way our relationship finally ended.

When I finally arrived in Oaxaca to celebrate Day of the DeadI was just sad. I tried to pick up the pieces the best I could and move on with my trip, but it was just so hard. How could I enjoy myself completely when inside I was so hurt? How could I smile when my heart had just been broken? How could I admire all the beauty around me when a really important part of my world had just crumbled?

I wrote this poem during that tough time.

It’s hard to travel in different places

Some might think


You meet so many more people. Yes, but they are gone as quickly as they appeared When people know you are on the move. They are friendly and nice But they keep you at a safe distance. They don’t want to get too attached. To a traveler just passing by. It’s hard to travel with a broken heart.

Yes, there are tons of happy moments to distract you from the pain and the new memories created are incredible Yet they are fleeting and nomadic. Like taking only one bite from your favorite cake. It’s hard to travel with a broken heart Yet we all do it sometimes to escape the different places to slowly heal.

So we can do it all over again


Luckily, my awesome friend Shawn came to the rescue. Yes, I cried on his shoulder many times. Shawn and his girlfriend Kika listened to my sorrows. They and new friends entertained me during my stay in Oaxaca and slowly but surely my smile returned.

I spent 2 whole months in Oaxaca healing my broken heart. During my stay, I managed to have closure with my ex by telling him exactly how much he had hurt me. Even if he still did not get it, that wasn’t important anymore. I felt better letting him know how I felt.

Moving On

When I was finally ready, it was really hard to say goodbye to everyone who even without their knowledge had helped to bring my smile back, but I had to move on. By the time I left Oaxaca, I was at peace with myself and 100% sure I could continue with my trip and be ok. I will be forever thankful to all those who with their friends helped me heal and feel stronger than ever. GRACIAS!!


The Best Travel Burj Khalifa Dubai and Mardin Turkey for Your Life

Burj Khalifa is not a name of any mall or just a building; it’s a name of authentic and amazing masterpiece of architecture that enhanced the glory of Dubai.

It’s located at the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard after entering in the lowest area of Dubai mall; you’ll find the Burj Khalifa, standing there with its all glory, middle in the surreal blue water of the desert-sea.

Tourists can easily reach there by metro or bus. It has the honor to be the second-highest building in the whole world. Moreover, it has tourists’ attention because of its luxuries and voluptuous facilities.

The construction this skyscraper, had started from 2004 and completed after five years of its construction. While it was opened for the public on the last day of the year it has a height of 2,716.5 feet with 160 stories.

It has the world’s highest decks, one of them is on 124th floor and the other is on 148th floor. Though it has every luxury which a top hotel should be, so its restaurant-bar, without it, the hotel never gets completed is located on the 122nd floor.

Beside of Burj Khalifa’s all glory, it is a place of wealthy people; normal tourists can’t afford to enter into it. But the outside view is completely free. Manual, as well as online bookings, are available, but one must have to book tickets before thirty days of his tour.

As the tallest skyscraper, Burj Khalifa has magnificent views from the top floor of it. It’s really refreshing journey in which a visitor can enjoy the luxurious adventure with light refreshments and interesting tours. A Falcon’s Eye View is one of the very famous and amazing points to witness there. So, the overall visit of Burj Khalifa is really worth time and money.

Mardin Turkey by Adventure travel tours info

Mardin is a living relic of history; the city speaks volumes of its rich cultural heritage and a great many conquests that it has lived through. Hints of various cultures are what runs through the streets of this city like blood would shoot through one’s veins.

It has had a history with Arabs, Seljuk Dynasties, Persians, Mongols, Assyrians, Kurdish, and Ottomans too! The town is largely made up of old stone houses strewn carefully as in a well thought out piece of art all over this majestic city (it practically looks like a Hollywood movie set!).

Mardin, Turkey lays spread out right below a cliff ridge; the timeless labyrinth is a classic way to spend your days when you are here. The notion, simply all in itself, of soaking up years of cultural heritage and flavors just by sightseeing is baffling.

Though there are no definite proofs or records the city is said to be ancient and to be dating back to the time of the Great Flood.

Mardin gets its modern name from its historical names; once upon a time it was called “Made”, “Mardia”, “Mardin” and the “Merde-Merdo-Mardi” through various periods of its glorious life.

Both the majestic fortress and the marvelous Grand Mosque happen to be baffling sites, while you are at it Kasimiye Medresse and Zinciriye Medresse are something you should not miss.

Most of Mandarin if not all of it presents a beautiful taste of Islamic art, together with the traditional blue tiles, the profusely and brilliantly so, colored stained glass windows and the typical pillar and arch work of the ever-popular Muslim architecture.

Mardin is an excellent treat for all explorers and travelers, a unique blend of Islamic history come together with Roman. Excavations in the nearing land have also lead to great findings and the baffling Ulu mosque, Dara and the Deyr’ul Zafaran Monastery happen to play the role of a looking glass, you can peek into time and experience cultural richness at its best.

Many old buildings have been turned into hotels and restaurants you can now make the best of your trip to this grand oriental getaway, a destination fit for kings of all times, an entire city with a view for around 250$ a night.


The Enjoy Travel While Cape Town Facts Travel Guide and Death Valley California

Cape Town is a gorgeous city laden with plentiful natural wonders, from scenic and soaring mountain ranges to awe-inspiring golden beaches and vineyards. It is because of all this and the flavorful multicultural experience, a rich and vivid exhibit of colors and cultures making Cape Town the heartthrob of Africa’s tourism.

Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Christians all live together in harmony embracing the happening yet shrouded traditional African beliefs. Even though South Africa has had a troubled history, the harmony of such a level did not come easy, and even though it is very fascinating but it has a very heartbreaking story to tell.

Everything brings a unique flavor to Cape Town’s very rich creole melting pot, making it such an irresistible destination. The ever-popular Table Mountain National Park is the ultimate definition of the city.

The breathtaking flat-topped mountain happens to be the headline act; the town, however, doesn’t fall short of various others equally mind-boggling natural landscapes that exist within the boundaries of one of the world’s most beautiful parks.

The outdoor space is abundant and the possibilities for an adventure-driven spirit are endless. This is a great place to go surfing, mountaineering, hiking, Paragliding heck you can go experience any thrilling sport that you could possibly think of.

The brilliantly traditional and culture endorsed villages and various bucolic estates of the beautiful Wine lands destinations, offer great opportunities for travelers and locals alike to bask in the beauty and diversity that the world has to offer.

Destinations such as the Stellenbosch and Fran’s choke are great spots for day tripping. Whereas Herman us happens to be a prime whale-watching location, where tourists usually get lucky, you can also jump at the chance of shark-cave diving here if you like the thrills.

 Human creativity also knows no bounds here, it is no wonder that this city was voted to be the World Design Capital back in 2014. Even the charming urban landscapes are an absolute treat, the cultural drenched Afro-chic decor of many of its restaurants and happening bars add to the choices that life here comes with.

On the Eastern side of California, the drought and hot place are located called Death Valley. One should not go on its hideous name because it has plenty of life inside of it but this life is really different from life in other regions. Death Valley’s Bad water Basin is claimed to be the lowest, hottest, and drained place in the whole of North America.

Every tourist, who wants to see the wonder of nature with some thrill and beauty, Death Valley is a perfect choice for them. It has beautiful oases, difficult-to-climb hills, and much more. Despite the rarity of rain there, it has wildlife in it and its seaside is deserved to be seen.

Though it is a deserted area and that’s why the summer is very hot here. But its high peaks have snowy frost on them. Moreover, like every desert, it has cold nights, which view is breathtaking in the bath of moon’s luminous.

The National Park of Death Valley has also been built for the entertainment of visitors. The top experience of this park is Furnace Creek and Scotty Castle. In Furnace Creek, tourists can find many things of their interest, but Zabriskie Point and Dante’s View are recommended.

While somehow, Scotty Castle is the most interesting and thrilling point of this whole park. Tourists can find many things there, including the history of the mysterious underground castle, experience the illusion called Grapevine Canyon as well as witness the living areas of Spanish in the form of Scotty Castle.

However, recently, Death Valley‘s service officers informed the visitors to not visit the park in remote summer because of the danger of heat stroking. They informed people that they found a dead body of an old age man there and the heatstroke was the reason for his death.

Besides the park, the Bad water Basin, which is a saltwater small pool and claimed as the lowest place in the valley, is the best place to visit and hiking? If you’re hiking lovers, Golden Canyon Trail, Salt Creek Trail, and Natural Bridge Canyon are the best places to hike. Moreover, tourists can also find Death Valley’s authentic flora and fauna there.