The Best Ways to Earn Money Quickly at University


Get a job

Getting a job will likely yield the greatest returns on your time. Jobs at the union are usually well set up to accommodate your schedule and will give you a decent amount of flexibility. Make sure you can afford the time off; you are here to learn.


We already looked at this in an earlier post. Tutoring will encourage you to study and there is nothing like teaching to improve your own understanding of a concept.

Sell your notes

Students (especially first and second years) love to miss lectures. The student population is getting richer each year, at least their parents are. If you are remotely studious, collect up a few copies of the notes at each class you attend and sell them on to these rich, lazy cats. Spread the word by telling people you sit next to or your friends that, for a small fee, you will collect their notes.

Start a blog

Blogging allows you to make yourself known, express yourself, and develop your understanding of a particular topic of interest to you. The learning curve is quite steep, however, and you will have to put some effort in to yield a worthwhile return on your time. There are loads of articles about starting a blog (and how to make money from it!) all over the web, but for a one-stop resource is unrivaled.

Sell on eBay

Take a look around your room; can you really afford to have so much stuff lying around? Focus on the 20% of your belongings that you use 80% of the time or get 80% of your enjoyment from. Get rid of the rest! That old guitar you never play or an unused inbox can get a lot of extra money. Take this one step further by selling your friends’ and housemate’s gear. Agree on a percentage of the sale price beforehand.

Sell your textbooks

Selling your old textbooks is a great way to round up a bit of cash from objects you are unlikely to use again.

Wash other people’s stuff

Offer to wash your friend’s roommates’ and neighbor’s laundry for them Charge them £5 on top of materials and while you are waiting for the washing machine to finish reading a book, write a poem, do your homework or talk to your better half.

Eat cheaply

Firstly, stop buying your lunch! Buy in bulk and prepare a packed lunch every day. If you ‘don’t have time’ get up a little earlier or prepare your lunch the night before. A £3 sandwich might not seem like a lot, but a drink and a snack will push the price closer to £5. If you do this for a whole term you will have spent at least £250.

Drink cheaply

Let’s say you have a few drinks at home, go to a few bars, and then on to a club, your drinks will get progressively more expensive. With that in mind, drink less as the night goes on and consider drinking a little more or for a little longer at home.

Remember that you are a student; embrace cheap booze and get used to the taste. Stop buying huge rounds; people will assume that is what you do and take advantage of it. Make people feel special when you buy them a drink.

Get all the money you are ‘owed’

Firstly, ensure that you are receiving the maximum loan/grant you are entitled to. Contact your local council and find out if you are entitled to any grants as a full-time student. My housemate received £500 from his council to buy a printer and some other gear! Keep an eye on the notice board at your department as well, there are always competitions running with tasty cash prizes!

Bet on stuff

Betting is the quickest and easiest way to make and lose money. If you bet conservatively on things that you are good at, you should net a tidy profit. You can also take advantage of offers run by bookies that give you £25 when you top up your account with £25.

Bookies will have teams of experts to calculate the odds for popular events, but only one for one-offs like the winner of X-Factor or Big Brother. If you follow these shows in great detail, you could well have a better idea of who will win it. If you don’t follow these shows, ask someone who does!

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