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I do not know about you but my party that I like a garden is definitely the garden. The gardens have a variety of shapes, colors, smells, and textures, from Japanese gardens, is to miniature gardens. But today I wanted to show other types of gardens that are becoming trendy, vertical gardens.

I will show this time only one of the most impressive I’ve seen vertical gardens; San Vicente Del Raspier (Spain) is installed in one of the exterior walls of the children’s library.

The six-story garden, designed by architect Jose Maria Chofre is located between the dividing of existing residential buildings and the library. The constructive solution consists of a metal structure founded on a concrete tank used for irrigation.

The composition is formed by a pixel of different types of floral and herbaceous species of small size in the high, ivy and ferns at the bottom in the courtyard formed between the garden and library.

In another post, I will show other examples of famous vertical gardens and how to create your own.

Just as often we touch the subject of kitchens as kitchens monochromatic blue, today we will raise the issue of the bathrooms in one color, specifically black-colored bathrooms.

At present, this color is used in bathrooms because it gives a unique touch of elegance to a place that is not used just for fancy things. Manqué according to Feng Shun, the color black is the absence of color and should be treated carefully.

A detail if they choose this color is that they need good lighting to give the bathroom to avoid accidents, especially if they choose to make a completely black room to the last detail and then at night you cannot see much of anything.

A good option can be a bathroom with ceramic white but black is really spectacular and the colors are only achieved the full effect of elegance and originality is expected.

This type of decoration especially in monochrome so dark colors only seen in luxury hotels are seldom seen in private homes. But if you decide you simply must plan well-placed furniture and even the ornaments that will. A bath should be minimalist black, should not be loose things because what is achieved is an effect of disorder and dirt do not want.

With the design of this small bathroom that I will show you mean to say, “if you can, just be creative.” It is a very small bathroom, 4 meters square and windowless.

The distribution very creative and provides comfort that has been achieved without losing functionality. When you close the shower front, raising it, we can create a “new wall” on which to place against the shelves and to support the toilet (to be as thick wall to hide pipes and tanks). As for the sink, the cabinet rests on a horizontal, visually lengthen the stay.

The colors have not been chosen at random. Neutral colors for walls and floors, in contrast to the vigorous furniture black lines and green, tightly structured space.

They will not believe that’s all you can do to improve a small bathroom right? Use your imagination, combined furniture, colors, and lights. Soil Euchar family and friends who put the excuse of not having a large bathroom and therefore do not have fixed and relegated it as ‘the ugly side of the house’. Well, see that it is not so.

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