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 I hope everything is going well for you, in any case, the good weather is back and it is particularly pleasant! Well, I told you about it in the previous article, it’s my new Céline bag, I think it’s my first real bag on top of that.

And it is, super happy that I make you discover it, I find that it is just very classy, ​​and I decided, not to do too much, to remain quite simple on the side of the clothes. Although I had just fallen in love with this little light blue sky sweater to find in London, from the Paper London brand, if you don’t know this is the opportunity to find out.

Still, a long time or I have not posted anything on this blog, but finally, this week’s return of the sun, return of good weather, which is equal to more photos, more outfits, in any case.

I will do everything, especially since I have a new bag! I would not say which one I would present to you may be in the next post why not, but in any case I love it and I am sure that you will also love it, go I will make the suspense last! High! Back from the good weather.

I was finally able to take out my Vivienne Westwood ballet flats, to find in England I am just “In Love” of these shoes from the collection- Anglo mania x Vivienne Westwood, and have finally been able to take out my raspberry blazer, it’s falling well I love it.

A rainy and cold Sunday while we are in me from May, but what happens? I then had a good time of the afternoon leafing through the new Vogue presenting the fall-winter collections; I discovered several silhouettes, accessories which I am already in love with, sometimes funny, sometimes surprising.

But I also came across the page of the Lavin collection fashion show in Paris, I was rather surprised, for me Lavin was a brand with a fairly conventional, timeless image, well, I wouldn’t really know how the ‘explain but to tell you the truth I love this collection enough, these fairly sober model cuts, with a fairly controlled eccentricity Little extra for the large size sweater and insect pins.

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