The Best of Asia Healthcare Blogging Regularly for a While


Today I bid an open-ended adieu to Asia Healthcare thing

Blogging at AHCB for almost two years has afforded me many opportunities to meet fine people, and has been a formative experience in my personal life, as well.

Reader and blogger community feedback has imbued me with a full range of emotions, from the gratification of occasionally being recognized as a good writer on down to the indignant fury only a comments section full of pignuts can provoke.

I know it has helped co-blogger James Flanagan figure out some career choices, as well.  Our partnership (I speak of it only briefly here, since this is not a forever goodbye) has truly been a productive one:

I never would have been able to write as much as I had if James wasn’t constantly fixing the inner workings of our site.   We’ve made some great discoveries together and even broken some stories.  In all, we’ve put up over 250 articles and tallied 200,000+ words.

This year, instead of regularly writing AHCB articles, I will be focusing on my first year of law school, and have decided it best to set aside as many other commitments as possible during that time.  I am assured by those wiser than me that my interests will still be there after 1L is over.

Of course, I can’t give up writing altogether.  I plan to write for AHCB occasionally as well as contribute to china/divide since it is a group thing and doesn’t depend on my efforts alone to maintain readership.

I also plan to continue writing narrative fiction and will likely post a reworked and more complete version of my first very successful piece, The Guy: A Conman Living in Beijing.  It’s hard to believe that this will mean less writing, but it does.   Again, however, I will not be writing regularly on this thing.

The reason I am bothering to write a goodbye post at all is threefold.  First, I’d like to bring some level of closure to this project and give a heads up to regular readers.  It has been two years, after all.

Second, I spent considerable time researching and then composing many of the articles on this site and I think that many of them are worthy of a second look so I wanted to do a ‘best of’ post.

Third, I don’t want this site to die this year, and so by leaving this up for nine months or so as a ‘sticky’ post, I hope to still have the option to pick it up at a later point when I have more bandwidth to work with.

So, goodbye to readers and blogger/writer friends for now, and please refer to the below list for what I consider  AHCB’s “best of”, though I believe that many additional articles on this site are of very high quality.  Not all of these pieces are my own: the list includes contributions from Samuel Green, Bradley Hoath, Ninie Wang, and Paul Steele.

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