The Best Travel Burj Khalifa Dubai and Mardin Turkey for Your Life


Burj Khalifa is not a name of any mall or just a building; it’s a name of authentic and amazing masterpiece of architecture that enhanced the glory of Dubai.

It’s located at the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard after entering in the lowest area of Dubai mall; you’ll find the Burj Khalifa, standing there with its all glory, middle in the surreal blue water of the desert-sea.

Tourists can easily reach there by metro or bus. It has the honor to be the second-highest building in the whole world. Moreover, it has tourists’ attention because of its luxuries and voluptuous facilities.

The construction this skyscraper, had started from 2004 and completed after five years of its construction. While it was opened for the public on the last day of the year it has a height of 2,716.5 feet with 160 stories.

It has the world’s highest decks, one of them is on 124th floor and the other is on 148th floor. Though it has every luxury which a top hotel should be, so its restaurant-bar, without it, the hotel never gets completed is located on the 122nd floor.

Beside of Burj Khalifa’s all glory, it is a place of wealthy people; normal tourists can’t afford to enter into it. But the outside view is completely free. Manual, as well as online bookings, are available, but one must have to book tickets before thirty days of his tour.

As the tallest skyscraper, Burj Khalifa has magnificent views from the top floor of it. It’s really refreshing journey in which a visitor can enjoy the luxurious adventure with light refreshments and interesting tours. A Falcon’s Eye View is one of the very famous and amazing points to witness there. So, the overall visit of Burj Khalifa is really worth time and money.

Mardin Turkey by Adventure travel tours info

Mardin is a living relic of history; the city speaks volumes of its rich cultural heritage and a great many conquests that it has lived through. Hints of various cultures are what runs through the streets of this city like blood would shoot through one’s veins.

It has had a history with Arabs, Seljuk Dynasties, Persians, Mongols, Assyrians, Kurdish, and Ottomans too! The town is largely made up of old stone houses strewn carefully as in a well thought out piece of art all over this majestic city (it practically looks like a Hollywood movie set!).

Mardin, Turkey lays spread out right below a cliff ridge; the timeless labyrinth is a classic way to spend your days when you are here. The notion, simply all in itself, of soaking up years of cultural heritage and flavors just by sightseeing is baffling.

Though there are no definite proofs or records the city is said to be ancient and to be dating back to the time of the Great Flood.

Mardin gets its modern name from its historical names; once upon a time it was called “Made”, “Mardia”, “Mardin” and the “Merde-Merdo-Mardi” through various periods of its glorious life.

Both the majestic fortress and the marvelous Grand Mosque happen to be baffling sites, while you are at it Kasimiye Medresse and Zinciriye Medresse are something you should not miss.

Most of Mandarin if not all of it presents a beautiful taste of Islamic art, together with the traditional blue tiles, the profusely and brilliantly so, colored stained glass windows and the typical pillar and arch work of the ever-popular Muslim architecture.

Mardin is an excellent treat for all explorers and travelers, a unique blend of Islamic history come together with Roman. Excavations in the nearing land have also lead to great findings and the baffling Ulu mosque, Dara and the Deyr’ul Zafaran Monastery happen to play the role of a looking glass, you can peek into time and experience cultural richness at its best.

Many old buildings have been turned into hotels and restaurants you can now make the best of your trip to this grand oriental getaway, a destination fit for kings of all times, an entire city with a view for around 250$ a night.

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