The Enjoy Travel While Cape Town Facts Travel Guide and Death Valley California


Cape Town is a gorgeous city laden with plentiful natural wonders, from scenic and soaring mountain ranges to awe-inspiring golden beaches and vineyards. It is because of all this and the flavorful multicultural experience, a rich and vivid exhibit of colors and cultures making Cape Town the heartthrob of Africa’s tourism.

Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Christians all live together in harmony embracing the happening yet shrouded traditional African beliefs. Even though South Africa has had a troubled history, the harmony of such a level did not come easy, and even though it is very fascinating but it has a very heartbreaking story to tell.

Everything brings a unique flavor to Cape Town’s very rich creole melting pot, making it such an irresistible destination. The ever-popular Table Mountain National Park is the ultimate definition of the city.

The breathtaking flat-topped mountain happens to be the headline act; the town, however, doesn’t fall short of various others equally mind-boggling natural landscapes that exist within the boundaries of one of the world’s most beautiful parks.

The outdoor space is abundant and the possibilities for an adventure-driven spirit are endless. This is a great place to go surfing, mountaineering, hiking, Paragliding heck you can go experience any thrilling sport that you could possibly think of.

The brilliantly traditional and culture endorsed villages and various bucolic estates of the beautiful Wine lands destinations, offer great opportunities for travelers and locals alike to bask in the beauty and diversity that the world has to offer.

Destinations such as the Stellenbosch and Fran’s choke are great spots for day tripping. Whereas Herman us happens to be a prime whale-watching location, where tourists usually get lucky, you can also jump at the chance of shark-cave diving here if you like the thrills.

 Human creativity also knows no bounds here, it is no wonder that this city was voted to be the World Design Capital back in 2014. Even the charming urban landscapes are an absolute treat, the cultural drenched Afro-chic decor of many of its restaurants and happening bars add to the choices that life here comes with.

On the Eastern side of California, the drought and hot place are located called Death Valley. One should not go on its hideous name because it has plenty of life inside of it but this life is really different from life in other regions. Death Valley’s Bad water Basin is claimed to be the lowest, hottest, and drained place in the whole of North America.

Every tourist, who wants to see the wonder of nature with some thrill and beauty, Death Valley is a perfect choice for them. It has beautiful oases, difficult-to-climb hills, and much more. Despite the rarity of rain there, it has wildlife in it and its seaside is deserved to be seen.

Though it is a deserted area and that’s why the summer is very hot here. But its high peaks have snowy frost on them. Moreover, like every desert, it has cold nights, which view is breathtaking in the bath of moon’s luminous.

The National Park of Death Valley has also been built for the entertainment of visitors. The top experience of this park is Furnace Creek and Scotty Castle. In Furnace Creek, tourists can find many things of their interest, but Zabriskie Point and Dante’s View are recommended.

While somehow, Scotty Castle is the most interesting and thrilling point of this whole park. Tourists can find many things there, including the history of the mysterious underground castle, experience the illusion called Grapevine Canyon as well as witness the living areas of Spanish in the form of Scotty Castle.

However, recently, Death Valley‘s service officers informed the visitors to not visit the park in remote summer because of the danger of heat stroking. They informed people that they found a dead body of an old age man there and the heatstroke was the reason for his death.

Besides the park, the Bad water Basin, which is a saltwater small pool and claimed as the lowest place in the valley, is the best place to visit and hiking? If you’re hiking lovers, Golden Canyon Trail, Salt Creek Trail, and Natural Bridge Canyon are the best places to hike. Moreover, tourists can also find Death Valley’s authentic flora and fauna there.

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