Is It Time to Change Your House Wall Plates for Home Improvement


When you look at switches and outlets in your house, what color are the wall plates? Do the outlets match the outlet plates? Do the switches match the switch plates? Are the switch and outlet plates the same color? Are they the same style? If you have answered these questions honestly, and feel the need to shop for wall plates, suppliers are no further than your fingertips.


Safety is the number one function of a wall plate. Wires that supply live power to switches and outlets are accessible when wall plates are not in place. Electric shock from exposed wiring can cause serious bodily harm or even death. The decorative nature of your wall plates can make or break the look of a room. People notice when something isn’t right. Until they figure out what that something is, they will continue to scan the room.


The institutional tan wall plate is readily recognizable as the most common wall plate in America. Designed to be neutral, it was meant to go with nearly any paint color that a homeowner may choose. Today, there are many new and different options available to break up the monotony of the institutional tan.


When searching for wall plates, suppliers might be just outside your own back door. Big box and hardware stores usually have a decent selection of wall plates in-stock. Keep in mind that these stores often cater to remodelers and builders. Because of this, they may not have the most decorative plates available.

Maybe the best option is to search for decorative wall plates online. Save gas and save time by shopping from the convenience of your computer at home. Is there a better place to see and compare products than the exact room where they will be installed?


“Matching the hatch” is a phrase well known by trout fishermen. The idea is to mimic the appearance of bugs that are already there with an artificial fly. If your wall is tongue and groove knotty pine, do you want a tan or white switch plate?

Matching a theme in a room with wallplates is the finishing touch people will notice. Whether you are accepting a cabin room or a Victorian ballroom with decorative wall plates, suppliers are standing by to help your project look complete.

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