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Recent News from John

24 Oct 2014
Surveillance, Intelligence and Acountability: an Australian Story

As intelligence agencies seek more muscle to combat the enhanced terrorist threat, scrutiny of them must also keep pace, to ensure a balance between security and personal freedom... Full Story

21 Oct 2014
Edward Gough Whitlam AC, QC

Australian Labor Party Caucus Condolence Motion, 21 October 2014... Full Story

02 Oct 2014
The Light on the Hill Society - inaugural address by Senator John Faulkner

Revesby Workers Club, 7pm, Tuesday 7 October 2014... Full Story

25 Jun 2014
Statement on asylum seekers and refugees

I do acknowledge that there is strong opposition by many in the community to current asylum seeker policy, and in particular, to offshore processing... Full Story

14 May 2014
Environment battered by broken promises

Budget rips funds from grassroots environmental programs, CSIRO, the Bureau of Meteorology and renewable energy initiatives.... Full Story

Government News

07 Oct 2014
Labor is listening on cost of living

Leader of the Opposition, Bill Shorten today officially launched Labor's new Cost of Living Caucus Committee... Full Story

05 Oct 2014
How is your mental health?

Mental Health Week (5 - 11 Oct 2014) is an opportuity to promote better mental health... Full Story

14 May 2014
Budget abandons young people looking for work

From 1 January next year, people under 30 who need Newstart and Youth Allowance will be forced to wait six months before receiving any support.... Full Story

14 May 2014
Australian pensioners betrayed

Abbott Govt will slash the current fair indexation system -which makes sure the pension keeps pace with the cost of living... Full Story

14 May 2014
Budget cuts $3 billion from Australia's Public Hospitals

Tony Abbott has made a mockery of his pre-election promise that there would be no cuts to health... Full Story